Why Us

We were patients and relatives of patients who had spent decades as executives building large healthcare and insurance businesses. We were also let down by the system we had worked so hard to build.

The system cost us loved ones, and we had spent our careers working in companies that should have done better to look after patients. In 2019, we decided to do something about it.

We started a health technology company that would put patients at the heart of what we did every day. One that would bring together the smartest doctors, data scientists, actuaries and businesspeople we knew to build and deploy technology. Technology that can scale globally and deliver the right healthcare at the right time for everyone everywhere.

At MiyaHealth, we build and operate technology that improves every part of the patient journey. Every time a patient touches the health system, we aim to be there making things better. We help them choose, help them afford healthcare, help them manage their chronic illness and we improve the patient experience.

We have one core belief- that the patient comes first. Quality matters in Healthcare.

If we stick to our belief and continue to build technology that puts the patient at the heart of what we do then we achieve our vision – The right healthcare at the right time for everyone everywhere.

Our journey is just beginning, but we are fortunate to have supportive partners who believe as we do. We have a strong network of over 3,600 clinics and hospitals and over 14,000 physicians signed up to deliver quality healthcare to the patients we serve, with more joining every day. We have partnerships with prominent global healthcare providers across Europe and Asia. We are founder-owned yet greatly supported by industry experts including two independent directors. We are also greatly supported by some of Asia’s leading leading technology investors who deeply believe in MiyaHealth’s transformative impact on healthcare: