Miya Provider

“I want a better patient experience”

As patients, we spend a lot of time waiting when we get sick. We wait in waiting rooms, in the doctors office, in hospitals. We waste time re-explaining the situation to a doctor (sometimes over videochat) over and over again, because the doctor is new to our case, and our regular doctor can’t see us.

Treating People the Right Way

When we get admitted to hospital, we have no idea how the paperwork is going, and what we need to do next. Instead of being treated like precious customers, we are treated as a burden.

2022 Is An Exciting Year

Because we and our families have had terrible experiences as patients-Miya is building and rolling out products to improve the patient experience in partnership with our fellow technology providers and physician partners.

Watch this space, and reach out if you want to know more about what we are launching in 2022.