Miya Payor

“Can I afford healthcare?”

There is a huge amount of waste
As patients, we all have bags of drugs we don’t need in cupboards at home. We have all had tests and procedures we suspected that we didn’t really need.

Our employers and governments pay more for healthcare every year

Money that ultimately gets taken out of our paycheques and our taxes.

Because existing TPAs and managed care companies weren’t doing anything about it- we built the MiyaPayor platform.

We combined AI-driven claims processing, our own predictive analytics and a variety of other technologies into a single platform that eliminates waste and improves outcomes for both the payor and patient.

We use this platform to help corporates, insurers and governments reduce the administrative and medical costs of healthcare, and help design health plans that make sense. 

Partnered with 3000 hospitals and clinics in Malaysia and Indonesia, and coming soon to doctor near you.

Reach out to see how we achieve a 40% cost reduction in administrative and medical costs for payors

Hospitals & Clinics
Cost Reduction