Improving Health & Saving More Lives with Innovative Digital Health Solutions

MiyaHealth Pte Ltd is a privately owned Asian population healthcare consulting services company. MiyaHealth Pte Ltd is in the process of hiring highly experienced doctors, technologists, insurance experts and managed care practitioners who shares a common belief; that we can use technology to improve the quality and to lower the costs of healthcare.
To achieve this, MiyaHealth-Asian Healthcare Company, is assembling best-in-class technologies from around the world on to a single platform and having them customised for the Asian market.

Revenue generation for MiyaHealth Pte Ltd will be driven by the outcomes the company achieve for their clients, using those technologies.

Everything is digital today and healthcare industry is no different. With the innovation of new wearable, mobile healthcare apps, and other digital health technologies, many companies are making claim about the positive health benefits of their products. In an effort to apart themselves from other competitors and build trusts with patients, some digital health innovators are now seeking the healthcare consulting services in Singapore & Malaysia that can validate the value of their innovative offerings.

At the Miya Health care, we partner with these innovators, technologists and managed care practitioners to bring clinical insights to groundbreaking applications that can improve the health outcomes. Our digital health care capabilities include the following:

• Data analysis
• Feasibility studies
• Real-world data studies
• Regulatory planning
• Protocol development
• Guidance on clinical utility and potential of digital health solutions

For over a decade, we as the prominent health-centric resource of digital healthcare in Asia have been rigorously helped countries to develop and scale digital healthcare technologies, and make efficient use of data analytics- so the patients who are at the highest risk of developing more serious conditions, like diabetes miss the drop of insulin. Being an acknowledged digital healthcare source in Asia, our vision is to improve the quality of healthcare as well as reduce the cost of medical care in the country through timely, seamless integration of digital technology.

Asian Healthcare Company can improve the patient experience

As a pioneered digital health-tech company in Singapore, we at Miya Health have developed a strategic digital health portfolio to help managing the demanding onslaught of digital technologies. With our efforts we improve patient engagement and self-care, promoting effectiveness of healthcare services and getting a better or say 360 degree view of patients. We have delivered world-class digital healthcare services and solutions in Singapore & Malaysia for patient engagement, home monitoring systems and many more.

With our years of experience in digital technologies, we can be your digital healthcare partner in developing top-notch digital solutions.